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Pie & Ai

Pie & AI is a series of DeepLearning.AI meetups independently hosted by our global AI community.


Events typically include conversations with leaders in the world, thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities with your fellow learners, hands-on project practice, and pies (or other desserts you prefer. Below are the three of the Pie & Ai panels that were promoted.

AI for Accessibility: Learn how "AI for Accessibility" has enhanced the lives of thousands across the world and how it will continue to advance.

AI to Help Mitigate in Conflict Zones: ​Watch the full seminar to see Ms. Yaqoob’s point of view on this very important topic!

AI for Supply Chain: We will be addressing the topic of "AI for Supply Chain”. Join in to see Ms. Lis Morales-Hellebo's point of view on this very important topic!

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